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23 May 2012 @ 07:23 pm
We're twins, and we're young women, and the way we write is CONSTANT COLLABORATION. We barely write more than a few paragraphs without the other one reading it and adjusting things.

We are obsessive about tagging every single thing so you can count on our TAGS to find what you want :)

FEEDBACK is important to us, so absolutely anything you feel like leaving in that comment box will be appreciated :D We do work on orignal stories irl, so we use fanfic as a tool to practice different styles and povs (in order to validate the time spent on it, lol) so con-crit can only help us!

Mostly, there's Inception (multiple pairings) and The Eagle (Marcus/Esca) on here so far, anything can happen! lol

Ever since finally seeing Inception on cable, we have been obessessed, and you can thank this fandom for introducing us to reading and writing slash fanfiction. (Thank you!) Funny story: it was right when we got really comfortable shipping two dudes together that we happened to watch The Eagle, so it was the first movie we ever watched with Slash Goggles, and WE LOVED IT!

Expect more than one Inception x Eagle crossover! (they are acutally in the works!)

Other Fandoms
Pysch - Gus/Shawn
Adventures of Tintin (2011) - Captain Haddock/Tintin
Avengers (Marvel) - any pairing so many gorgeous people we'll just make it an orgy

So please, read, comment, and/or feel free to LEAVE US PROMPTS for anything!
28 July 2015 @ 06:06 pm
dreams are the voice of the gods_banner

Title: Dreams Are the Voices of the Gods

Fandom: Eagle of the Ninth

Pairing: Marcus/Esca

Chapter: 1/7

Summary: Marcus discovers that his new slave is not what he seems, and is hiding something very special. Enamored by the miracle and beauty of Esca’s kind, Marcus aids in keeping the secret. But hatchlings are difficult to hide for long…

Warnings: Mpreg, "tuck verse"

22 April 2015 @ 01:03 pm
Two semesters left of a four year degree that has taken 6 years of my life, while managing to suck my love of reading right out of me. So many boring texts, so many miserable classic novels. I have lost count and so far only fell in love with one: Thr Great Gatsby.

Fortunately, my career as a college student is nearly complete, and i know that my love of reading is going to grow back like a weed. I look forward to that day, because it will strengthen my writing. Good writers are good readers. My problem these days is that i have no time to read for fun. However, i cant stop writing, and so i write and write and write, learning only from.myself instead of other writers. My pool of inspiration and technique is drying up. Thank God i only have two semesters left. I am pretry sure the reader/writer in me wont starve before then.
10 January 2014 @ 07:12 pm

Illusions Shimmer and Fade

The Hobbit, Avengers


2,300 words

Loki keeps telling Thranduil how gorgeous he is, but Thranduil has some self-image issues about his secret disfigurement.

Pure porn and fluff.

03 December 2013 @ 07:53 pm
Title: Let Me
Author: twowritehands
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Warnings: none
Length: 1,847 words
Summary: Marcus' leg never fully recovers and he finds himself in more pain and more dependent on Esca's help as time goes on.

Read it here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1068031

22 March 2013 @ 10:05 pm
Yeah, so spring break didn't happen the way we planned. technically, it was a very productive break. But that's good news for the rough draft of my novel being edited and bad news for fan fiction that wants to be finished. But, anyway, here you go. It's been a while (a lot longer than we intended) but we have finally gotten around to adding three chapters to Blue War Shields Inc, and it has doubled the word count, bringing it up to 42,600+! Still no where near the end, but getting to the good stuff. Hopefully, this means all those awesome people who have given it kudos will come back and leave a comment? We do so very much love comments and it's rather off-putting that this story still hasn't gotten any... might be why it took so long for us to update... Or maybe it's just b/c we also wrote a 100,000k mpreg fic that we have decided not to start posting until BWS Inc is complete. It's one of the two.
03 March 2013 @ 07:08 pm
So my sister and I are part of a writer's group that meets once a week and we've been given a challenge. As a New Year's resolution, we had to decide what we wanted to get out of the group for the year '13. Well....I picked something incredibly vague: basically, ATUCALLY WRITE ORGINAL STORIES SOMETIMES because I've fallen into this fanfic spiral of doom where I want to write nothing else because Orignal Characters just feel flat and one demensional and uninteresting just because I don't know every corner and kink of their heads like I do fandom characters.

The thing is, being an identical twin who started writing with her sister in the seventh grade, I ACTUALLY HAVE some OCs that I've had rolling around in my head for over ten years. So I do know them. It is a typical thing for me and my sis to say to each other, "like Gray and them, you know?" when something lines up with the whacky group of kids that kept us company through our lonely high school years. When I was sitting in that Starbucks trying to decide what to get out of the group, it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Fanfic your own original cast. BINGO!

But it's hard. Mainly because after ten years I still don't have a REAL plot for them. Nothing that really grabs me and makes me WANT to write. They say if the writer doesn't have fun, the reader won't, so I've been experimenting and brainstorming for that plot that really feels right for them. Here it is March, and I've finally decided on a murder mystery! Yay! I have a general idea of the crime scene and the arc of the story (because NaNoWriMo has taught me that I need at least that much of an outline to work with.) From here, I intend to read more murder mysteries for inspiration, and focus on this story at least once a week, because the rest of the time I am more interested in the mulit-chapter monkeys on my back right now.

Fanfiction WIPs!

Sis and I are in a mood to get some of our biggest fics finished and off our chest so that we aren't  so distracted all the time. This mood is severely over due, since we have a major multi-chapter in at least four fandoms that need to be FINISHED like whoa. Taking some advice I just read about on a eddie sunshine's journal, I thought I'd at least tell the internet what I need to do, so in order to feel pressured to actually do it and not procrastinate. :D

So. In order to untangle myself from the web of fanfiction I'm caught in, I will finish the WIPs that tempt me away from my murder mystery. Here is a list of the biggest contenders:

1.) the Mpreg for Marcus/Esca. This is set in victorian England even though we know very little of how that time and era actually was. Never the less, it's based on scandal, so what other era are we suppsoed to use? lol This story has already reached 100k, god help us.

2.) The crossover. Half posted already, so obviously it is a WIP, we are focusing on this one. It's The Eagle loosely transfered into the Inception-verse so that Esca can be Arthur's secret brother. I am very pleased with the progress we are finally making on this one. The first five chapters are already posted on AO3, and we are now working on chapters 10-the end. We want to finish the story before we post any more. Spring Break, ideally, will mean the completion of this thing! yay!

3.) Our first 21 Jumpstreet fic! Because Channing Tatum can not get away from us. No matter what movie he makes, we'll ship him with the cutest other guy in the movie. *evil cackle* It's about Jenko falling in love with that adorable nerd who did the rhyming presentation on H2O on Molecule Monday in the AP Chemistry class. We've never picked such a background character for the main character's love interest before, so we've really combed that movie for every little detail concerning Zack. Then we made the rest of it up and that's why we have over 50k so far. It is NEARLY done but not really.

4.) Cabin Pressure is a British radio show staring the vocal talents of Benedict Cumberbatch (spelling?) and others so of course it is AMAZING. It's about pilots who fly a dinky charter jet. Hilarious shenanigans, lovable characters. For Martin (BC's character) we've a love story for him and the plane's steward Arthur. Now that we've finally got all 4 seasons on CD we can get to work on this bad boy and make it canon-compliant (which is our favorite compound word.) This one's managed to get into the 20k with us leaving major plot gaps in it, so it'll be a monster.

There are SEVERAL others, mostly Inception, but these four are the ones that are getting attention right now. Between two writers, you'd think these things would get finished sooner, and that is the plan. At least one of these will be finished at the end of spring break. Then it's only three and then two and then one and then....ideally....my channel will be open to original murder mystery stuff.
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23 January 2013 @ 11:23 am

The Hobbit is by far the best of the LotR saga and that's just becuase of Bilbo Baggins. He risks his life not becuase he has to or the Shire and the world will be destroyed, but just because he wants to help his friends.

"Because you don't have a home; it was taken from you. And I will help you get it back if I can." 

Ah, best scene in the movie. I just want to squeeze him so tight.

From the first time I saw it, I've been dying to write fic. My first viewing wasn't even over before I was shipping Bilbo with Thorin.  Oakensheild is such a BAMF and pretty good looking, besides, and Bilbo is adorable next to him. So what else can we do?

This fic is one of the shortest I've ever, ever written. But if I'm going to be expanding on it (like I want to do) then it's going to have to wait until I have the DVD and can watch for every possible little place where I can make STUFF happen. Until then, let this be enough.

Title: The Motive of a Hobbit
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012)
Pairing: Bilbo/Thorin
Length: 1,821 words

“Oh,” Bilbo wanted more than ever to escape and tried to wring his hand from the dwarf’s grip.
“No,” Thorin said and gave the hobbit a tug, which brought him right back near the prince. “Stay in here with me. I have a lot of questions for you, burglar.”

Something happened that last night in the Shire to make Bilbo decide to risk being eaten alive.

read on A03

02 January 2013 @ 07:47 pm

The other day, my sister and I were discussing the male pregnancy trope and our conversation took a very weird turn and suddenly we were talking about men laying eggs. Then there was a tangent about sea horses carrying the eggs around in a pouch, which then lead to kangaroos, and coming full circle with all of that landed us with the inception of an idea…

We call it the Tuck-verse.

The Tuck-verse is an alternate male pregnancy universe wherein eons ago (in the extremely early development of the human race when we still looked like tadpoles), there was a fork in the evolutionary road and some of us kept true to become the humans we are today and others took a hard left.

While most of us continued on to become the placental mammals carrying their young in a womb for nine months, these other humans branched off to become egg-laying marsupials, laying eggs which then hatch as undeveloped joeys who then have to hang out in a pouch for a while until they’ve grown big enough to withstand the outside environment.

Oh yeah, and all of these egg-laying marsupials have penises. You should have seen that one coming, come on.

You’ve heard of frogs that can change gender if all the opposite sex of their species is wiped out, right? (If not, it’s the basis of why everyone in Jurassic Park is fucked.) Anyway, let’s say that some humans a long, long time ago got isolated from the rest and lost all their women and thus some males developed the ability to have babies, but in a twist, they make babies way differently than women do using eggs and pouches instead of an internal womb.

Yeah, it’s weird. But nature is gross anyway (just look at the platypus, the anteater, the wasp, and all those glowing freaks at the bottom of the ocean.) So why shouldn’t we imagine another species of humans that are equally as freaky, yet the same as the rest of us?

It could give us fun new dynamics to play with in mpreg so just hear us out.

The Hand-wavy Science in case you are interestedCollapse )

A Breakdown of Genealogy and Fertility RulesCollapse )

We're Pregnant!Collapse )

The Culture of ItCollapse )

What the Joey Books ReccommendCollapse )

Tucks and the WorkplaceCollapse )

Read this Inception Arthur/Eames fic, the first ever venture into Tuck-verse, Don’t Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch by twowritehands on A03